Mi Body Fat Scale 2

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Codice: XMTZC05HM
Produttore: Xiaomi
EAN: 6934177707452
Stato: Originale
1. Bluetooth 5.0: This product uses low-power Bluetooth 5.0, the weight data transmission speed is faster and more stable, cherish your every second.
2. High-precision sensor: This product uses high-precision manganese steel sensor, which can accurately sense the change from subtle to 50g. Every cup of water you eat and drink can be easily quantified, and three units of measurement are provided. Choose to effectively help you fine-tune your weight data.
3. Ideal weight measurement function: This product is equipped with ideal weight measurement function, according to height, age, BMI and other data, intelligently calculate the weight that suits you, so that you do not have to blindly lose weight and excessive weight loss for the beauty of appearance.
4. Intelligent identification analysis function: This product can automatically identify family members according to body data, and can support up to 16 members to share and realize family sharing. It is also possible to set the guest mode so that other people can measure the data without leaving any traces.
5. Concealed LED screen: This product has a hidden LED screen with clear display and an integrated look and feel.